Friday, 4 October 2013

Meal Shakes Shaklee

Hye lovely moms out there. Having problems in giving the right food for ur kids?
1. Are they fussy eaters?
2. Loss of appetite and only drink milk?
3. Only like fast food?
4. Have digestive problems?
5. Lack of concentration n have a hard time focusing? 
Come and try Shaklee Meal Shakes.Shaklee Meal Shakes is a source of protein with added vitamins and minerals. It provides balanced proportions of each of the nine amino acids that are essential for your body, and therefore must be present in the diet for our childrenĖŠs proper growth and maintenance. 

The smell of vanilla is awesome. You can add it in any of their favourite drinks, including milk too!
So mummies.. Worry less when u give Shaklee Meal Shakes to your loved ones. You'll see how their appetites will change while also getting the best vitamins for their growth. Try now and give the best to your loved ones. 

We share because we care. Contact us for details Diyana 012-2356027. Jom jaga kesihatan anak2...

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